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The safest way for children to travel in cars is in a child car seat.

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1seat4baby is the campaign developed by the creative mind of BabyKish Group, to create a safest future for children in UAE by providing One Seat For Baby to ensure the protection while riding the car. With the aim of "Help us to make your kid safe", 1seat4baby campaign runs to support DUBAI EXPO 2020 and seeks participation from all public and private institutions to connect for the future road safety of children as it reaches year 2020.
Every 30 seconds, a child dies from a preventable accident such as motor vehicle crashes, fires, drowning and other severe injuries. Based on this fact, the campaign 1seat4baby is dedicated solely to prevent these injuries by recognizing that more children of age 14 and under die during accidents, therefore, their protection is the highest priority.
Driven by passion, 1seat4baby campaign aims to stimulate changes in attitudes, behavior and the environment to promote child safety in UAE at its best. By providing one car seat for each baby in UAE, Baby Kish Group relies on developing injury prevention strategies that work in real world. It works on conducting public outreach and awareness campaigns.
For children injury prevention in UAE, the comprehensive approach of 1seat4baby campaign is based on the established public health model of "5 E's": Education, Empowerment, Environment, Enactment and Evaluation. This proven science of injury prevention and control explains all initiatives of 1seat4baby campaign to protect all children in UAE during travel and make them safer.
One Seat for Baby is a remarkable initiative taken by BabyKish Group which is known as the most acclaimed brand of quality baby products in GCC countries. With 1seat4baby campaign we educate public in general and parents in particular to know about the safety of children while travelling. This campaign continues as a strong preventative voice for the promotion and proper fixing of baby car seat restraint system whenever it comes to travel with babies.
In year 2011, UAE government implemented the safety law to use car seats mandatorily for babies below six years of age. Statistics show that 63 percent of child deaths aged 14 years and under in UAE are caused by road accidents. To save these precious lives, we have launched a massive campaign of one seat for baby to create awareness to general public for the safety of babies. Baby Kish is the first brand of premium baby products who has taken the initiative to make every child safer in UAE.
We have launched a fully devised awareness campaign for children safety in government and private sector of UAE. We are working closely with RTA, Dubai taxi, car manufacturers, rent a car, hospitals, maternity centers, pharmacies, kinder garden, schools, hotels, restaurants and community services to provide safest traveling experience for every single baby in UAE.
With vision of UAE to be the safest place for babies, One Seat For baby is not just an awareness campaign but we are also working with the concept to provide complete health solution for the safety of baby during travel.Through our campaign we encourage parents and community to use car seats to avoid injuries during road accidents in UAE.After UAE, Baby Kish plans to implement One Seat For baby campaign worldwide in coming years.
By our 1seat4baby campaign, we are working to assure road safety of all children in UAE by providing one car seat for each baby and helping them to be safe behind the wheel.

1. Education and Awareness
We have launched a massive awareness campaign for child safety both in government and private sectors of UAE. We are working closely with RTA, Dubai taxi, car manufacturer, rent a car, hospitals, maternity centers, pharmacies, kindergarten, schools, hotels, restaurants and community centers.

2. Use of Car Seats
The law for children road safety in UAE requires them to use correct child restraint system while travelling in cars until they are either 135cm in height or the age of 12 (which ever they reach first). After this they must use an adult seat belt. There are very few exceptions. It is the driver's responsibility to ensure that children under the age of 14 years are restrained correctly in accordance with the law.

3. Product Safety Standards
Being a parent means being prepared, especially when it comes to keeping your child safe. You must buy a car seat comprising quality and safe seat standards like:
Side Impact Testing
2x Car Seat Standard
Extreme Car Interior Temperature Tested
Easy to Install
Car Seat Expiration
Child Health and Safety

Parents must follow doctors advise for the use of car seat, how to handle babies in travel.
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